May 19

Why You Aren't Increasing Your Appointment Numbers

During a lot of consulting calls, we end up hearing something similar to “I’m A Great Financial Advisor, I Just Need More Appointments!”. It makes sense; you need to attract people to your business if you expect to generate sales. But in today’s world, one where the population is bombarded with hundreds and thousands of ads per day, how are you supposed to stand...

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May 12

DOL ruling got you down?

If you’re like a portion of the advisors we work with, the confusion surrounding implementation of the DOL’s notorious ‘Fiduciary Rule’ has had an impact on your revenue goals for 2017. The question isn’t whether or not the DOL ruling will be implemented in its current form, or at all for that matter. The ‘damage’ to your production this year has already been...

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May 05

The Variable Annuity Conundrum

My focus as an annuity sales consultant is working with Registered Reps and RIA’s. Many of these advisors used to sell or are still selling variable annuities (VA’s) and have built up large numbers of clients and many millions of dollars in assets within them. Many of these VA’s are 7 or more years old and are now out of surrender or just about to be out of...

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Apr 28

A Social Security Maximization Package?

Looking to take advantage of some low hanging fruit?

10,000 Boomers are turning age 65 every day. They are making, or have made social security elections. One of the basic facts about social security for married couples is there will be a loss of social security income at the death of one of the spouses.

Loss of income is never a good thing, but you have the...

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Apr 21

Funding College with an IUL

College funding is a big market. When advisors focus on this market, they’re often conducting late-stage planning for parents with children in high school where they’re using life insurance to eliminate assets off of the family balance sheet, so to speak.

Some advisors may use ‘College Planning’ as a throw-in service to attract prospects, but what they’re really...

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