Apr 17

How to Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Becoming a thought leader for your industry can transform your brand because it positions your company as an industry leader, opens the door for new possibilities, and builds trust with your community. These 6 tips will get you started to build your thought leadership:

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Jun 28

3 Critical Components of a Successful Social Security Seminar

Few financial professionals understand the amount of time, effort, and planning that goes into hosting a seminar. The process involves far more than simply throwing up a few pop-up banners and going through a presentation. From the pre-seminar planning, day of set up, and post-seminar follow-up, here is an overview of some of the steps involved to execute a...

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Mar 01

You're Leaving a Lot of Money on the Table - Here's Why

Why would 30 buying units, after a long day of work, drive to the Holiday Inn Express on a chilly Tuesday evening to listen to you speak for an hour and a half if something weren’t worrying them about their future?

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Jun 30

Are Social Security Workshops Worth Doing?

The answer:

...It depends on how you do them.

Any of the Social Security Workshop programs that I’ve seen will get you lots of appointments for a free Social Security Analysis.   We learned the hard way that is not the real objective. The real objective is to get appointments with legitimate Prospects who want to meet with you to discuss a Retirement Income Plan,...

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Nov 04

Seminar Marketing: Helping Your Attend-“ease”

You know what they say about free leads, right? You get what you pay for! That’s why this article isn’t about free leads. It’s about creating qualified leads. Specifically, it’s about using direct mail to create solid seminar attendees. Full disclosure: I do not work for a mail house so I have zero financial incentive to try to get you to do direct mail that...

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