Dec 28

The New Year is Almost Here. Are You Ready to Make it Great?

The New Year starts on Tuesday. Are you prepared to hit the ground running?

This is an important time of the year, as preparations are underway to get off to a fast start come Tuesday. Are you doing all you can to be ready for 2019? 

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Dec 14

Make Sure You're Covering Every Step in the Hiring Process

As we begin to sit with our advisors to discuss next year’s plan, the majority of them want to hire new staff to support their growing business. Hiring additional staff or your first employee can be challenging. The right candidate can have a significant impact on your organization, but bringing on the wrong person can also negatively impact your team. One piece...

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Dec 07

3 Business To-Do's to Tackle Before the New Year

When is the best time to create and plan next year’s goals and implement your 2019 plan?


December is a strange month. During the first few weeks, people scramble to tie their year up by jamming four weeks of work into two. Then in the last two weeks of the month, you hear crickets in the office as everyone has disappeared for the holidays. But really, now is...

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Nov 03

It's Almost 2018: How Will You Meet Your Production Goals?

Welcome to November! The air is crisp, the leaves are turning, and the distinct sounds of advisors working to meet their production goals can be heard all across the industry. It is easy to get caught up in the chaos of the final two months of the year, thinking 2018 is light years away. However, in my experience, the calendar turns all too quickly.

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Jul 07

Heading In To A Summer Sales Slump? Choose Not To Participate...

Do you allow yourself to succumb to the excuses many in sales use for a Summer Sales Slump?

  • Everyone is on vacation!
  • No one makes buying decisions in the summer!
  • This is golf/fishing/boating/(fill in the blank) season!
  • Its too nice out to stay in an office all day!

The secret to avoiding a Summer Sales Slump is to not buy into the typical excuses. Funny how we...

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