Dec 21

Here Are the Top Strategies to Stay Memorable

When was the last time you had a memorable experience with a person or a brand? Why did it leave such a lasting impression?

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Nov 23

The Choice Is Yours: Top Product, Marketing, & Case Management Articles of 2016

Operating a business in the financial services industry, while trying to stay in compliance, can be quite demanding and time-consuming. Between scheduling appointments and meeting with clients, fulfilling your post-sale requirements, and generating new business,  you can quickly go from someone who should be working ON their business, to one who is working IN...
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Sep 23

The IRS has created a HUGE life Insurance sales opportunity in the 4th quarter. If you don’t read this you are missing out!

How many times have you contemplated the idea of approaching a successful estate planning attorney or CPA to refer you business? If you are anything like me that number is quite large and your frustration levels are through the roof. The problem that most advisors and agents in the financial services business have in trying to develop a COI relationship is they don’t...

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Jun 17

From Previous Prospects to Current Clients

We all prospect for clients, no matter what industry it is that we are in. I remember watching old movies with characters prospecting for gold. The successful ones found gold on the surface, and then moved to a new spot to pick up gold that was still on the surface there. The really successful prospectors found gold on the surface, stayed in that area, and kept...

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Apr 08

Conferences 101: Make the Most Out of a Conference

With conference season upon us, I am sure many of you are preparing for days full of speakers, workshops and networking. Maybe you hate them, maybe you love them. Either way, they will be much more beneficial to you if you arrive prepared. Read my tips on how to make the most out of a conference below & share any other conference tips you may have!

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