Jan 04

5 Steps to Make Your Financial Professional Website Shine

As a financial professional in 2019, you've probably heard that you need to have an online presence. Having that presence includes social media, search engine optimization, and your financial website. At DMI, we provide award-winning web design to our clients and know what makes a financial professional's website successful. Here are five things you can do to...

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Dec 21

Here Are the Top Strategies to Stay Memorable

When was the last time you had a memorable experience with a person or a brand? Why did it leave such a lasting impression?

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Jun 15

5 Ways to Grow Your Business Over the Summer

To most of us, the summer is a time to get outside, go on vacation, and see friends and family. It is also a time where small business owners could get creative with their lead generation and get out in the community. So, before hitting the beach or pool this summer, try one of these 5 community events:
  1. Get involved with your local Council on Aging – Most towns...

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Jun 01

3 Types of Videos You Can Create For Your Business That AREN’T The “About Us” Video

For the past month, I’ve been leveraging Wistia’s Google Chrome plug-in (Soapbox) to create video tutorials that I can easily send out to our sales team and clients to teach them how to perform a certain task within their CRM system. While written or verbal instructions alone may not fully answer a question, be misunderstood or just plain ignored, video tutorials...

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May 18

What Is Your Annuity Premium Worth and What Should it Get You?

Marketing organizations of all shapes, sizes, and affiliations have one thing in common, yet, for the most part, they all approach it differently. Marketing companies have to decide which services to offer, how to offer them, and who to offer them to. The marketing companies that offer a full-range of services, and employ their own creative teams, clearly incur...

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