Aug 02

3 Misconceptions Financial Professionals Have About Radio

Radio, one of the oldest methods used to raise brand awareness, is still a top-reaching medium today. It comes as no surprise that many financial professionals have an interest in adding a radio show to their marketing strategy.

"93% of U.S. Adults 18 and older listen to the radio every week." –Neilson 2019

So, why is radio such an effective platform? Most...

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Mar 22

How to Position Yourself as a Trustworthy Source

Successful client relationships involve trust. Treat your clients and prospects with kindness and respect and it will go a long way in positioning yourself as a trusted partner. Kindness and respect are traits we learned at a young age, and they're still the most valuable in your business practice. The basics are just that: basic.

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Jun 01

3 Types of Videos You Can Create For Your Business That AREN’T The “About Us” Video

For the past month, I’ve been leveraging Wistia’s Google Chrome plug-in (Soapbox) to create video tutorials that I can easily send out to our sales team and clients to teach them how to perform a certain task within their CRM system. While written or verbal instructions alone may not fully answer a question, be misunderstood or just plain ignored, video tutorials...

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Oct 06

4 Ways to Hit Your 2017 Sales Goals in Less than 90 Days

For those of us managing our 30-60-90 day pipeline, guess what. There are less than 90 days remaining in 2017. You have less than 90 days to meet your year-end goal.

How’s your stress level?

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Sep 15

5 Reasons to Work with a Partner to Produce Your Radio Show

Our advisors and agents often express interest in developing a radio show for their business. Occasionally, they even want to take the challenge on alone. Although it’s possible to produce your own show and buy time on local stations, it isn’t always the best way.

Here are 5 reasons why you should work with a partner like DMI Marketing to produce your radio show.

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