Feb 01

Back to Basics: How well do you understand life insurance products?

When considering the right life insurance products for your clients, there are a variety of options available that offer a range of features. I've recognized that there's a common misunderstanding over these different product options. Because of this, I have created an outline of the various features of three insurance products to help financial professionals in...

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Jan 18

FIUL for Retirement Income?

Do your clients want both a death benefit as well as a way to save for retirement without losing access to their money?

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Oct 12

FIUL: Preparing for Life's Big "What Ifs"

Flexibility is one of those overused "buzz" words, but when it comes to life insurance, specifically to Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance (FIUL), there's no better word to describe one of its key attributes.Think about it this way. What's changed in the lives of your clients in the last 20 or 30 years?  Well, depending on their age, it could be any or all of...

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Aug 04

The Single Most Important IUL Feature You Aren't Looking For

Written by an award-winning Life Wholesaler with over 20 years of experience.

Throughout my career, I have participated in countless conversations regarding the newest and shiniest indexed universal life. With an abundance of commendable products available today, insurance carriers need to continuously develop new consumer-focused solutions. To simultaneously keep...

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Jul 28

What Does One Man's Pantry and Indexed Universal Life Have In Common?

Last weekend, I was visiting my father a recent retiree from the grocery industry. It seems that old habits die hard, and since retiring he’s stockpiled an impressive pantry for his home. As a former executive in the grocery business, my dad is a master of retailer strategy, pricing, and even liquidation. Applying his expertise to his personal pantry, he purchased...

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