Mar 01

You're Leaving a Lot of Money on the Table - Here's Why

Why would 30 buying units, after a long day of work, drive to the Holiday Inn Express on a chilly Tuesday evening to listen to you speak for an hour and a half if something weren’t worrying them about their future?

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Dec 28

The New Year is Almost Here. Are You Ready to Make it Great?

The New Year starts on Tuesday. Are you prepared to hit the ground running?

This is an important time of the year, as preparations are underway to get off to a fast start come Tuesday. Are you doing all you can to be ready for 2019? 

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Oct 12

FIUL: Preparing for Life's Big "What Ifs"

Flexibility is one of those overused "buzz" words, but when it comes to life insurance, specifically to Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance (FIUL), there's no better word to describe one of its key attributes.Think about it this way. What's changed in the lives of your clients in the last 20 or 30 years?  Well, depending on their age, it could be any or all of...

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Aug 17

Have You Considered this New Income Stream for Your Business?

Would your practice benefit from a steady stream of recurring income without you constantly needing to find new clients?

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Jun 15

5 Ways to Grow Your Business Over the Summer

To most of us, the summer is a time to get outside, go on vacation, and see friends and family. It is also a time where small business owners could get creative with their lead generation and get out in the community. So, before hitting the beach or pool this summer, try one of these 5 community events:
  1. Get involved with your local Council on Aging – Most towns...

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