May 14

Helping Clients Prepare for the Unexpected

Our economy is currently going through a great change as a result of COVID-19, and many families are having their financial strategies upended because of it. However, as a financial planner, you are in the perfect position to guide your clients through this troubling period and help them work towards their financial goals.

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Apr 30

Staying Engaged During A Crisis

Like so many businesses out there, we know many agents have been working to keep their virtual doors open during a time of social distancing. Larger gatherings are prohibited, and face-to-face meetings have been moved online. Many clients are looking for ways to stay engaged and connected with you while trying to do what’s best for public health. Here we have a...

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Mar 08

Ask These Questions When Your Clients Are Ready to Retire

When a client or prospect is ready to retire, they’ll need access to his or her assets to fulfill their income needs. Flexibility is critical during this time. Having a diversified portfolio of investments which they can use is essential for retirement income strategies. It also is important to find out how much income they actually need.

Here are several more...

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Oct 19

Consider This Fresh Solution to Market Complacency

Markets are at an all-time high. Bond funds have taken a hit due to rising interest rates, and all a cash position will do for your client is practically guarantee a loss, due to taxes and inflation. So, where do we go from here if we have baby boomer clients hoping to protect what they’ve made over one of the greatest bull runs in history?

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Jan 05

4 Reasons Why You Need to Start Selling Life Insurance

As an external life insurance wholesaler, I often call on registered investment advisors to learn about their business and see how we can make life insurance products work for their clients. Occasionally during these calls, advisors object to selling life insurance, because they claim it isn’t a focus for their strategy. When I ask, “Why not?” the usual excuses...

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