Jan 11

New Ways to Prosper in a Changing Market Environment

What if there was a way for you to get paid on managed assets without studying for your Series 65 test?

There was a time when mutual funds, insurance, and annuities ruled the world of investment options for financial professionals, and only the biggest institutional or qualified investors had deep enough pockets to utilize wrap accounts. Today, you can open a...

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Dec 28

The New Year is Almost Here. Are You Ready to Make it Great?

The New Year starts on Tuesday. Are you prepared to hit the ground running?

This is an important time of the year, as preparations are underway to get off to a fast start come Tuesday. Are you doing all you can to be ready for 2019? 

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Dec 14

Make Sure You're Covering Every Step in the Hiring Process

As we begin to sit with our advisors to discuss next year’s plan, the majority of them want to hire new staff to support their growing business. Hiring additional staff or your first employee can be challenging. The right candidate can have a significant impact on your organization, but bringing on the wrong person can also negatively impact your team. One piece...

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Dec 07

3 Business To-Do's to Tackle Before the New Year

When is the best time to create and plan next year’s goals and implement your 2019 plan?


December is a strange month. During the first few weeks, people scramble to tie their year up by jamming four weeks of work into two. Then in the last two weeks of the month, you hear crickets in the office as everyone has disappeared for the holidays. But really, now is...

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Sep 28

Starting an Independent RIA? Don't Forget to Consider Compliance

As today’s investors continue to seek independent advice, RIA firms are growing and thriving. In fact, according to Schwab’s 2016 RIA Benchmarking study, most firms reported adding between 28-50% more clients over the past five years. So, if you’re looking to expand your practice into the advisory world, the timing couldn’t be better!

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