Apr 17

How to Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Becoming a thought leader for your industry can transform your brand because it positions your company as an industry leader, opens the door for new possibilities, and builds trust with your community. These 6 tips will get you started to build your thought leadership:

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Jul 26

Branding and Marketing Basics for Financial Professionals

While branding and marketing are two very different things, they are often confused because they go hand-in-hand.

Independent marketing organizations, like DMI, often offer both services to financial professionals, adding to the confusion. Although there is overlap, one comes first, and one can’t exist without the other. I know - I probably just made it even more...

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Dec 21

Here Are the Top Strategies to Stay Memorable

When was the last time you had a memorable experience with a person or a brand? Why did it leave such a lasting impression?

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May 25

The #1 Most Compelling Voice for Your Business

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog focusing on how to bring your business into the 21st century. A few months ago, I wrote another blog about how developing strategic campaigns was key to getting your voice heard. I want to clarify something. Now, I don’t want to retract anything contained in those two blogs. I would, however, like to add a postscript. So, here it is.

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Dec 22

3 Easy Ways to Launch a Corporate Community Service Program

One of my favorite literary works of all time is Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The tale of Ebenezer Scrooge’s journey from isolation to redemption is deservedly one of the best-known tales of this season.

Scrooge’s critical flaw is generally thought to be his selfishness alone. But, his selfishness is exacerbated by his intentional ignorance of the plight of...

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