Jan 11

New Ways to Prosper in a Changing Market Environment

What if there was a way for you to get paid on managed assets without studying for your Series 65 test?

There was a time when mutual funds, insurance, and annuities ruled the world of investment options for financial professionals, and only the biggest institutional or qualified investors had deep enough pockets to utilize wrap accounts. Today, you can open a...

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Nov 09

3 Questions to Ask When Evaluating an Annuity

People invest billions of dollars in variable annuities with Guaranteed Living Income Benefit riders. After owning these variable annuity policies for several years, many clients begin to reevaluate their purchase and realize they should discuss alternative options with their financial professional.

Plenty of these customers need guidance on what they should do...

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Oct 19

Consider This Fresh Solution to Market Complacency

Markets are at an all-time high. Bond funds have taken a hit due to rising interest rates, and all a cash position will do for your client is practically guarantee a loss, due to taxes and inflation. So, where do we go from here if we have baby boomer clients hoping to protect what they’ve made over one of the greatest bull runs in history?

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Jul 27

Is Now the Time to Rethink Utilizing Bonds?

In his 2011 annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, Warren Buffet wrote, “High interest rates, of course, can compensate purchasers for the inflation risk they face with currency-based investments – and indeed, rates in the early 1980s did that job nicely. Current rates, however, do not come close to offsetting the purchasing-power risk that investors...

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Feb 09

Here’s A Solution Many Advisors Are Turning To

Many of their younger clients are beneficiaries for older family members. When their mother/father/uncle/grandmother passes away, they inherit qualified money. In these cases, younger clients can actually face their own RMD dilemmas. When a client inherits qualified assets, sometimes we see them do one or 2 things:

  1. Cash it out
  2. Start the RMD’s
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