The New Year is Almost Here. Are You Ready to Make it Great?

The New Year starts on Tuesday. Are you prepared to hit the ground running?

This is an important time of the year, as preparations are underway to get off to a fast start come Tuesday. Are you doing all you can to be ready for 2019? 

When I ran track in school, I had a checklist of items to complete before the gun went off. I made sure to stretch, properly hydrate, and most importantly, mentally prepare how to run the race. The key was to get off to a fast start and finish with a strong kick. Compare this mindset to your 2019 objectives: are you physically and mentally prepared for 2019? 

Think of the New Year as the start of a race - a race to achieve your goals. Before the ball drops and 2019 arrives, prepare your checklist or you'll likely get left behind. Here are some ideas:

Prepare and train: 
  • This could mean focusing on your areas of improvement that you identified last year. For example, did you complete all of your required product training?
  • Have you planned out how you will run your race this year? Put the necessary training time in to set yourself up for the win.
Set S.M.A.R.T. goals:  Know your competition: 
  • Before taking your mark at the start line, look around! Who are you facing off against and where do you stand in comparison?
  • If others are carrying out the same initiatives as you, maybe it’s time for a new strategy.

Recognize your strengths and weaknesses: 

  • Be aware of what you need to improve on as well as what you're already great at. Do you start the race in the lead then slowly fall behind, or do you gain speed later on?
  • Figure out what you can do to stay steady throughout the whole year.
Having a plan in place and being conscious of your strengths and weaknesses can aid in your race to reach your goals. If you need assistance planning out your 2019, start with the DMI S.M.A.R.T. Goals Method Brochure. 

On your mark … get set … go! Happy New Year!

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Julia Friedland - Strategic Marketing Coordinator

Julia specializes in content development, social media marketing, and strategy within the DMI Marketing team. She brings a unique and creative perspective to the growing team. Along with graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a minor in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire, Julia's career has been spent working in marketing and also directly with clients in the financial industry. At DMI, she continues to develop marketing strategies to help advisors grow their business.

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