The Power of Personalized Notes

When was the last time you opened your mailbox and found a handwritten note addressed to you?

Sending personal notes is something that I've been incorporating into my practice since the beginning of my sales career. My mom would help me write letters when I was little and continued to encourage the practice. It eventually became a rewarding habit for me. I can't even tell you how often I arrive in a client’s office to find at least one of my notes tacked on their wall. They’re a topic of discussion in my agent meetings because they are rare, but also because they’re genuinely appreciated. I’m always surprised that there aren’t more notes from others on the wall joining mine. 

I notice that more people send e-cards instead of reaching out with a personal touch. Whether it’s one-on-one through the phone or with a handwritten card, personalized touches are a missed opportunity for many professionals. They provide a chance for you to stay memorable with clients and prospects you want to impress.

Here are six ways to make the most out of handwritten notes:

1. Use them as a follow-up

After you’ve met a potential client and have sent a follow-up email, sometimes it’s appropriate to add another, more personal level of connection. A handwritten note, sent about a week after you’ve met, can add a personal touch to your promising relationship. It’s also a perfect place to include your business card.

2. Keep track of colleague’s events and accomplishments

Birthdays, a thank you, congratulations, and kudos are all great opportunities to send a handwritten note. Pay attention to significant accomplishments your colleagues achieve. Social media is a great tool to use to monitor these types of events. Use this opportunity to reach out. It'll show you care and pay attention to the little things.

3. Use personalized note cards

The use of custom stationery can reinforce your brand identity and it can resonate more with the client. I personally find that using brightly colored cards sets me apart.

4. Be personal with how you mail the notes.

Take the time to hand address envelopes and use real stamps. This tells the person that you took the time to add an even more personal touch.

5. Penmanship matters

Of course, write legibly so your client will be able to read your note. It will also show your professionalism. 

6. Write daily

Jotting down your thoughts every day can help you get more comfortable with sending notes. Show appreciation, and in turn, you’ll receive gratitude which can help build relationships in ways you won’t expect.

Small, caring actions you make towards your clients and prospects may seem insignificant but can usually make a big difference in establishing positive relationships. A handwritten note can do just that. Give it a try!

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Cynthia Callis - National Sales Consultant

Cynthia Callis has been an award-winning insurance wholesaler for 15 years. She has worked all across the country partnering with agents and financial advisors to find workable, revenue producing solutions that best meet their clients’ insurance needs. She blends a consultative sales approach and disciplined business knowledge with a deep grasp of insurance solutions. She has earned the trust of her agents and is viewed as a valued business collaborator.

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