The Choice Is Yours: Top Product, Marketing, & Case Management Articles of 2016

Operating a business in the financial services industry, while trying to stay in compliance, can be quite demanding and time-consuming. Between scheduling appointments and meeting with clients, fulfilling your post-sale requirements, and generating new business, you can quickly go from someone who should be working ON their business, to one who is working IN their business.

This year, we have written a number of articles to help with these aspects of your business; whether it's a unique way to generate business without spending hours on the road (or thousands in the papers), business management tactics to ensure clients’ policies are issued quickly, hassle-free and accurately, or reviews of products that you should never recommend to your clients (and some that you should). At DMI, we are always helping our advisors work on whatever aspect of their business they need the most help with, and we like to share our expertise with our readers.

Here are the three most popular blogs of 2016 that focus on those areas of being a financial advisor. Which one will you read first?

The IRS has created a HUGE life Insurance sales opportunity in the 4th quarter. If you don’t read this you are missing out!

How many times have you contemplated the idea of approaching a successful estate planning attorney or CPA to refer you business? If you are anything like me, that number is quite large and your frustration levels are through the roof. The problem that most advisors and agents in the financial services business have in trying to develop a Center-of-Influence relationship is that they don’t have a specific enough strategy or concept that allows both parties a... Read More

Are You Protecting Your Clients’ Privacy?
As part of our underwriting and case management services; we request, review and forward medical records to the underwriters at our carrier partners to negotiate the best offers on behalf of our advisers. If you are requesting medical records for your clients – are you following the HIPAA requirements to protect your client’s Protected Health Information (PHI)? Have you and your staff taken a HIPAA training course?

As is the case with any federal regulation, HIPAA can be rather complicated and is often misunderstood. Many advisors I have spoken with believe it simply means... Read More

IUL Caps: When & Why You Should Avoid Them Like The Plague
There, I said it. Clients don’t understand them and they don’t work all that well when it comes to delivering competitive returns. That’s the most important part… they just don’t work when it comes to delivering competitive returns.

Our life sales consultants never recommend capped products if accumulation plays a significant part in the case they are working on. If an advisor tells us their client or prospect wants to grow their money, we tell them to avoid caps like the plague.

Before the death threats start rolling in, let me clarify… Read More


Which one did you read first? What topics in the financial services industry would you like to see DMI cover in the upcoming months? Let us know in the comments below!

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Brian Donahue, President of DMI Marketing

Brian started his career out of college as a financial advisor. For 6 years, he achieved top of the table sales. In 1989, Brian founded DMI, one of the pioneers of the independent marketing organization (IMO). DMI consistently ranks by sales in the top 1% of wholesale companies and has become one of the most prominent and most successful IMO’s in the industry. Brian has sat on numerous industry advisory boards consulting companies on sales, marketing, and distribution of their products and services. In addition, Brian has engineered annuities over his career that have resulted in sales of over $1 Billion.

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