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A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog focusing on how to bring your business into the 21st century. A few months ago, I wrote another blog about how developing strategic campaigns was key to getting your voice heard. I want to clarify something. Now, I don’t want to retract anything contained in those two blogs. I would, however, like to add a postscript. So, here it is.


There is one voice in your business that speaks louder than all others - your customers. They are the vast untapped source of content, messaging, and lead gen for your brand. Their voices need to be featured prominently in your business.

I’m not just talking straight-forward referrals, although they are essential to driving new business. I mean featuring your customers’ voices in your marketing and sales. Customer experience, reviews, and suggestions are the overlooked superstar of lead generation. Think of the last time you shopped online or googled a service. What is one of the first resources you check to see if you should consider that brand?

Customer reviews.

Whether you're on Amazon checking out a set of string lights to decorate the patio for your Memorial Day cookout or considering hiring a landscaper to get your yard in ship-shape, you rely on the experience of other customers in your decision-making process.

The hard truth is we trust other customers, even though they're complete strangers, far more than we do brands. This is an especially hard pill to swallow in the financial services industry because of a delightful thing, known as Compliance.

If you work with a Broker-Dealer, you may not able to use customer testimonials in your marketing and sales materials. And, if you aren't with a BD, you might be hesitant to use testimonials because of the liability they present. All is not lost, however.

As a financial advisor or insurance agent, you're in a great position to highlight your client's voice. The very nature of your business requires you to develop a strong relationship with your client. You learn all about their plans and needs for their future and help them achieve it. That's the story to share. While you may not be able to feature their exact testimonial, you can tell their story from your perspective. Develop case studies that detail what they needed and how you served them. Instead of highlighting your background in marketing materials, describe the clients who work with you. Your customers already are at the heart of everything you do. You work with their best interest in mind, so share that. Explain why your clients stay with you. Focusing on the people you serve, rather than yourself, will carry more weight than only talking about who you are.

Sometimes when developing a strategy, we can easily get carried away from the real focus of our business. We're in the relationship business, not the lead business. Focus on highlighting your client relationships and the rest will fall into place.

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Becky Zbyszewski - Senior Strategic Marketing Manager

Specializing in content development, social media marketing and strategy, Becky brings over 10 years of work experience to the DMI Marketing team. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Saint Anselm College, Becky’s career encompassed a wide variety of industries, including financial services, education and marketing. She brings a unique perspective to the Strategic Marketing team that in turn helps advisors and agents develop their marketing strategies.

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