How You Can Benefit From Adding Podcasts To Your Marketing Plan

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The benefits of adding a podcast to your marketing plan are numerous. A podcast can diversify your marketing, reach new audiences, provide insight into the internal workings and expertise of your organization, add credibility to your business and establish thought leadership. Research conducted by Infinite Dial shows that about 67 million Americans are listening to podcasts each month with 50% of US homes being podcast fans. That’s a huge target market that you may be missing out on.

What Is a Podcast?

A podcast may be a conversation between two people or just a solo dialogue about a specific topic, subject or even story you’d like to tell. A podcast is episodic, and can be released frequently, on a consistent basis. You can upload these audio files to your social media channels, your website, and popular streaming websites like Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts. Your followers can download and listen to your episodes from anywhere, for free.

What are the Benefits of Podcasting for Businesses?

So now that we know what they are, let’s review just how podcasts can benefit your business.

  • Increase Your Reach: Small business owners need to reach potential customers, wherever they spend their time. For some, this means using social media, for others, it might be advantageous to employ search campaigns. When possible, though, it’s ideal to reach out to customers on a multitude of platforms. By doing so and by including podcasts in your marketing strategy, you can reach more customers in more places so that you can grow your brand awareness faster. 
  • Demonstrate Your Expertise: Customers want to purchase products and services from businesses they trust. The best way to show that you are trustworthy is to demonstrate thought leadership and show just how much you know about your offerings, your industry, and your audience’s needs. By talking about topics that pertain to your business, you can instill confidence in your potential customers that you are the best choice.
  • Show Off Your Personality: Individuals don’t just want to trust a brand, they want to likeit too. And when it comes to stiff competition, likeability may be what puts your brand ahead of another. So go ahead and show off your personality with your podcasts. Be funny, be quirky, or be thoughtful—whatever you choose, just be yourself and the masses will follow.


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