How to Make Annuity Awareness Month Work for You

When it comes to developing a marketing campaign, choosing a compelling message can be daunting. That’s why when a national campaign comes along, it’s a great idea to take advantage of the message’s momentum. Jump on the ol’ bandwagon, if you will. As we close the book on May 2019, a national campaign will once again launch on June 1st – Annuity Awareness Month. 

In 2010, the National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA) named June Annuity Awareness Month” in order to “help educate Americans on the important role of annuities as part of a secure retirement savings plan.” Since 2010, NAFA and other associations in the industry have worked to make Annuity Awareness Month a national designation, always with the common goal of educating Americans and dispelling misconceptions about annuities.  

As an industry professional, you understand how annuities work, the features and potential benefits, and how they may be the right solution for many consumer’s retirement needs. Use Annuity Awareness Month as an opportunity to teach and inform your prospects and clients about annuities. 

Here are three ways you can utilize the Annuity Awareness Month campaign to start a conversation with your prospects: 

  • Active on social media? Post a daily fact about annuities or dispel a fiction. Inform your followers through digestible tidbits on how annuities can play an important role in planning for retirement and creating income for life. Keep it under 120 characters  short and sweet. Remember, your intention should only be to educate. But, invite them to contact you if they have questions! 
  • Shoot out weekly email blasts to share longer annuity-education content. Email is the perfect medium to share attachments of longer pieces. Create a couple of case studies that show how annuities have worked as a solution for past clients. Or, send out a list of the common annuity FAQs and questions. Need more ideas? Check out the educational materials the Coalition for Annuity Awareness has available or check out for additional material. 
  • Print handouts and posters for your office to spark conversations with visitors. It can be something as simple as announcing “June is Annuity Awareness Month.” The state of Massachusetts released this proclamation. Check if your state has something similar. Blow it up and post it in your office. 

This campaign can also be a much-needed resource for you. 

  • Don’t sell annuities? Use this month as an opportunity to educate yourself. Perhaps you are operating under the same bias or ignorance as many consumers. Take the time to learn more about a financial product that you are not familiar with and see how today’s annuities can provide the solution your clients need. 
  • Not sure how to explain or address annuity questions with prospects? The Coalition for Annuity Awareness also released content to help you prepare for these conversations. Some of this content can even be customized to your brand. 

Campaigns like this are a great way for you to share your industry expertise with your clients and prospects. As the financial professional, you are the resource of industry knowledge. Planning for retirement can be daunting and intimidating for many consumers. They look to licensed, trusted professionals like you for guidance. Use this awareness month, and others like it, to help alleviate any concerns, answer any questions, and expand your own knowledge. 

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Becky Zbyszewski - Senior Strategic Marketing Manager

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