Have You Considered this New Income Stream for Your Business?

Would your practice benefit from a steady stream of recurring income without you constantly needing to find new clients?

Learn how to capitalize on your client relationships to add a steady stream of recurring income to your practice, while providing your clients with a service they are already getting elsewhere but would rather get from you.

You’ve worked hard. You always put your clients’ best interest first, providing solutions to their needs using annuity and insurance products. You also know that some of them, perhaps a significant percentage, also have invested assets that properly belong in a growth and accumulation mode. Because of the perceived “complications” of working in that arena, you do not service this segment of your clients’ portfolios, even though many of them wish you would. Does it ever cross your mind how much income you are leaving on the table by not providing this service to your clients?

Adding an Assets Under Management (AUM) component to your practice can accomplish four important things for you:

  1. Solving the potential compliance issue of offering investment advice
  2. Elevating your business to a full-service practice
  3. Enhancing your client relationships and their loyalty to you
  4. Creating a consistent stream of steady, recurring new income without generating new leads

A couple of years from now, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have a substantial, steady income stream from a component of your practice without relying on new business?

Through DMI's relationship with a successful RIA firm, they can provide you with access to a wealth management platform. The benefit is that your relationship with DMI can also offer you the professional marketing help you need to build this component of your practice quickly and efficiently.

If you are interested in exploring how you can add an AUM component to your practice, work with a DMI Mentor. Click the button below to learn more about the Mentor Advantage Program.DMI Mentor Advantage Program

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A $20 Million Annual DMI Annuity Producer

Starting his career in 1970 as a Registered Representative with a U.S. based securities firm, this advisor managed several investment projects for over 30 years. As his clients began retiring, this advisor shifted his focus to better serve them. In 1998, he formed his current company to focus on the needs of retirees and those seriously planning their retirement.

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