DMI is Attending INBOUND 2019! Take a Look at the Sessions We're Most Excited About

Next week, the DMI Marketing team is attending INBOUND 2019 in order to apply cutting edge insights into our financial professionals' marketing programs. INBOUND features over 200 educational breakout sessions led by innovative marketing, sales, and customer success practitioners. 

So, what are we most excited to learn about? Hear directly from our team members as they discuss the key breakout sessions they will be attending and how these topics can make an impact on your business:

Teri Crisafulli – Strategic Marketing Manager:

What’s in a CTA? Tips, Tricks, & Statistics

Every day I work with financial professionals to establish strategies that often rely on prospects or clients taking action to be successful. Are you trying to fill seats at a seminar through a digital marketing campaign? Are you sending out an email to seminar no-shows inviting them to book an appointment or attend your next event? The most critical part of these efforts is going to be your CTA (call-to-action). This course will provide tips and tricks for messaging and placements for CTAs that outperform the best of the best, all based on research and data. I can’t wait to take what I learn in this course and apply it to our advisors' and agents' seminar marketing strategies!

Liz Delaney – Graphic Designer:

Do This, Not That! 20 Best Practices for Email Marketing Campaigns That Drive Customer Engagement

Learning which metrics are most critical to email campaign success will allow me to provide that key information directly to the people we work with here at DMI. Our goal is always to make sure we are providing the best analytics to set our advisors and agents up for success. Diving into the most current email marketing trends will allow me to make sure our financial professionals are consistently putting their best foot forward and standing out from the crowd

Chris Sylvia – Web Developer:

Level the Playing Field: How Technology and Design Empower Businesses to Take on Big Brands

It can be hard for the independent financial advisor to compete with the likes of the big investment and financial advisory firms. This session focuses on how technology and design are democratizing the content marketing field so that even an individual can make a significant impact. By utilizing technology and design, smaller companies can compete with the goliaths of the industry, and I’m excited to learn how we can incorporate that here at DMI.

Becky Zbyszewski - Senior Strategic Marketing Manager: 

Bringing Structure and Meaning to Numbers 

This session should bring a ton of insights that we can apply to our financial professionals' business and strategy. I think for our advisors and agents, it can be so easy to get caught up in planning their next strategies, preparing for events and booking client meetings, leaving them with no time to dive into their data and evaluate what is actually working well. I'm looking forward to seeing how we can apply the insights gleaned from this session to our advisors' and agents' business, as well as our own.

Nicole Caravella - Senior Web Developer: 

Level the Playing Field: How Technology and Design Empower Businesses to Take on Big Brands

I often hear that financial professionals do not have the time and/or resources to put effort into their online and brand presence. I'm curious to learn the messaging and strategy that can be applied from this session when an advisor or agent we work with falls into this scenario. 

There are a lot of exciting things taking shape here at DMI as we gear up to launch new and exciting offerings. Investing in the professional development of our teams is an essential aspect to making sure we can continue to offer an unmatched level of service to our financial professionals. 

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Kaijsa Kurstin - Vice President Marketing

As Vice President, Marketing at DMI Marketing, Ms. Kurstin is responsible for the company’s overall go-to-market strategy including financial professional marketing. With over 20 years of marketing expertise, Ms. Kurstin leads the team in strategic direction, brand positioning, advertising and media planning. Prior to joining DMI, Ms. Kurstin was the VP of Marketing at Congruity360, where she was responsible for leading the marketing efforts and launching new hybrid cloud data security solutions across the Healthcare and Financial sectors. Prior to Congruity360, Ms. Kurstin held the role of Vice President of Marketing at ThriveHive, a digital marketing firm catering to the growth of small businesses across the U.S. Whether it was developing multi-channel go-to-market strategies or building a library of sales enablement tools, Ms. Kurstin has delivered high-performing strategies and direction that led each company to success.

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