Kimberly Marcella - DMI Creative Director

Kimberly has been part of DMI Marketing for over seven years. Immediately after earning her degree in Graphic Design and Letterform, she was hired to be the designer for the marketing department at Brandeis University. Then she moved on to the marketing department at a top medical software company. There she created collateral for a national sales team and designed graphics for their trade shows and events. From there, she began designing and creating marketing strategies for the financial industry. She has spent most of her career specializing in marketing for financial professionals, and her diverse experience has given her a unique viewpoint for marketing to different industries. In her role as Creative Director at DMI, her goal is to help create unique and effective marketing strategies to drive qualified leads to the financial professionals who partner with DMI.

Recent Posts

Jul 26

Branding and Marketing Basics for Financial Professionals

While branding and marketing are two very different things, they are often confused because they go hand-in-hand.

Independent marketing organizations, like DMI, often offer both services to financial professionals, adding to the confusion. Although there is overlap, one comes first, and one can’t exist without the other. I know - I probably just made it even more...

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Jul 14

The Secret to Branding a Financial Professional

Branding a financial advisor is important and only works if it’s done right. The truth is, there are many facets to creating and maintaining a brand. Not only should you always work with a Graphic Designer, but you should work with a marketing team. A team who knows how an effective brand reflects the personality and the public face of your company and understands...

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