Is Your Client’s Income Guaranteed?

DMI | Annuity, strategy, Annuity Awareness Month June is Annuity Awareness Month, making it the perfect time to educate your customers on annuities and their benefits. Here are some of the factors to be aware of when educating your clients.

Helping Clients Prepare for the Unexpected

DMI | Financial planning, Relationship Building, strategy Our economy is currently going through a great change as a result of COVID-19, and many families are having their financial strategies upended because of it. However, as a financial planner, you are in the perfect position to guide your clients through this troubling period and help them […]

How to Manage Retirement Finances During an Economic Upheaval

DMI | Finance, investing, Relationship Building Retiring comfortably is a goal we all work towards. We save our salaries over years of hard work to finally settle down and enjoy all the wonder life has to offer. But what do you do when the economy sees a major shift and your plans are now in […]

Staying Engaged During A Crisis

DMI | Social Media, Financial planning, Relationship Building Like so many businesses out there, we know many agents have been working to keep their virtual doors open during a time of social distancing. Larger gatherings are prohibited, and face-to-face meetings have been moved online. Many clients are looking for ways to stay engaged and connected […]

Solving The Annuity Puzzle

DMI | Annuity We’re sharing guidance from the Athene commissioned “Solving the annuity puzzle: A Behavioral Analysis”  to uncover hidden client biases. With these biases revealed, you can reshape the annuity conversation toward confident and informed decisions. The Annuity Puzzle An annuity grants consumers the ability to trade part of their retirement savings for payments […]

How to Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry

DMI | Seminars, business management, Branding, strategy Becoming a thought leader for your industry can transform your brand because it positions your company as an industry leader, opens the door for new possibilities, and builds trust with your community. These 6 tips will get you started to build your thought leadership: Determine Where Your Expertise […]

The Importance of a Strong Call To Action

DMI | Finance, Social Media, business development The importance of a strong call to action (CTA) is more than just a few words thrown together on a social media post or an email, it’s about connecting your reader with the next step of action. This guide will help you create a compelling CTA to convert […]

Social Media 101:  How to Make the Most out of Your Social Pages

DMI | Marketing, Social Media Every day, more businesses are making social media a core part of their marketing strategy, and financial advisors and agents should be no exception. More than a billion people are currently active on Facebook and there has never been an easier way for brands to promote to such a large […]

3 Advantages of Connecting With Your Clients During Tax Season

DMI | Tax Season It’s that time of year again where everyone turns their attention towards tax season. As a financial professional helping families navigate retirement, it is important to provide value during this time of year and make sure your clients understand the impact taxes have during retirement planning. Here are three advantages of […]

The SECURE Act: 3 Key Provisions Impacting Financial Professionals

DMI | Secure Act A few months ago, we published a blog about pending legislation called the SECURE Act of 2019 which had several provisions impacting retirement planning.  Now that the Act has officially passed, we thought it would be beneficial to revisit a few key provisions affecting the agents and advisors with whom we […]