Chris Sylvia - Web Developer

Currently specializing in front-end web development, Chris graduated from Emerson College with a B.S. in Marketing Communication. Continually staying ahead of the ever-changing technology and developments, Chris is constantly looking to broaden his skills and use them to help DMI's clients increase their online visibility. When not developing sites for clients, Chris spends time making music.

Recent Posts

Nov 27

You're Turning Customers Away With A Poor Website Experience

At DMI, we dedicate our time to helping financial professionals improve their process with their customers as well as helping them find new ones. This process includes the customer experience, which encompasses everything from meeting prospects in-person at one of your events to them visiting your website and downloading a complimentary educational resource. Often...

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Mar 29

Using Web Analytics to Make Your Site Work For You

If you haven't read my last blog yet, I'd recommend taking a few minutes to learn which kinds of changes you can make to your website this week so you can take full advantage of the points I'm going to cover today.

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Jan 04

5 Steps to Make Your Financial Professional Website Shine

As a financial professional in 2019, you've probably heard that you need to have an online presence. Having that presence includes social media, search engine optimization, and your financial website. At DMI, we provide award-winning web design to our clients and know what makes a financial professional's website successful. Here are five things you can do to...

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