Are You Trustworthy? See What Online Listings Say About You

Last week, Teri posted about utilizing the summer months to set goals, get organized, and re-evaluate your marketing.  As the summer winds down, faster than we all would like, you may be wondering how you can squeeze in one last quick win to boost marketing efforts. If so, you may want to take a closer look at your online listings.

Most businesses are already familiar with some of the online directories such as Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business.  But what about the hundreds of online directories where your business should also be listed.  Your business may be listed in many of these places already, but is the information accurate and up to date?  If not, your business can appear to be less than credible, impacting your overall ability to build trusted relationships.

According to a recent report, 80% lose trust in local businesses if online information is incorrect. Business listings typically include your business website, your address, phone number, and hours of operation. This information then gets pushed to other kinds of listings, such as map apps on mobile devices and GPS systems in cars.

Imagine you finally get an appointment with a prospect you have been trying to work for over a year. You agree to meet at your office and the prospect jumps in his or her car, types your business name into the GPS, and heads towards your office.  But then something goes wrong…they never actually arrive.  A week later, you connect with the prospect over the phone and find out that they never showed up because they couldn’t find you. After arriving at the wrong location, they simply decided to turn around and go home.  Ouch.  

Think the scenario above doesn’t happen that often? Think again. Last year, 22% of consumers visited the wrong business location because the address was incorrect online, according to the 2018 Local Citations Trust Report. 

I recently fell victim to an incorrect online listing while trying to locate one of our partner agents. Being new to DMI, I wanted to visit with a few partner agents to introduce myself and to learn more about their business. On the way to one of these meetings, I typed the name of the business into the map app on my phone, and an hour later, I arrived at a strip mall. There was no sign of our RIA client in sight. I then checked the address in the map app and compared it to the address on his website, and sure enough, the online listing in the map app was inaccurate.

After arriving at the correct location, I spent time learning about our partner agent and his business. He explained that 90% of the clients who walk through his front door already know they are going to do business with him. To which I replied, “Wow. That is great. But what if they couldn’t find your front door?”  He looked perplexed, so I quickly grabbed my phone and showed him the address listed in the phone app.  He was surprised to see his old address listed.  

Often, when a business moves locations, or change their business hours, they overlook what information is listed online. Business listings sites do not know when to make a necessary update unless it is told to do so.  And some online sites only update their information once a year which can equate to leaving money on the table.

Most businesses do not know where or how to get started.  And that is where we come in! In the time it takes you to grab that last popsicle out of the freezer, we can update all your listing, across the web, so you attract more customers while improving your SEO.

Are you interested in learning how your online presence stacks up against the competition? Request your complimentary online presence report today.

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Kaijsa Kurstin - Vice President Marketing

As Vice President, Marketing at DMI Marketing, Ms. Kurstin is responsible for the company’s overall go-to-market strategy including financial professional marketing. With over 20 years of marketing expertise, Ms. Kurstin leads the team in strategic direction, brand positioning, advertising and media planning. Prior to joining DMI, Ms. Kurstin was the VP of Marketing at Congruity360, where she was responsible for leading the marketing efforts and launching new hybrid cloud data security solutions across the Healthcare and Financial sectors. Prior to Congruity360, Ms. Kurstin held the role of Vice President of Marketing at ThriveHive, a digital marketing firm catering to the growth of small businesses across the U.S. Whether it was developing multi-channel go-to-market strategies or building a library of sales enablement tools, Ms. Kurstin has delivered high-performing strategies and direction that led each company to success.

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