Another Way to Make Summer the Best Season for Building Your Business

As I write this blog, it is 85 degrees outside, marking the first time this spring that we have reached a summer-like temperature, here in New England.

While some of my competitors are out enjoying the weather or beginning to take their customary long summer weekends, I wanted to share my over 30 years of experience in the industry with you. Last week, I discussed the number one way to grow your business in the summer months. Hosting workshops in June, July and August works. No question.

This week, I want to discuss the second most successful way to grow your business in the summer.

If many of your existing clients are retirees, many are very likely Snowbirds, which (you know if you read last week’s blog) means they return to the Northeast for the summer. In other words, this is PRIME client review time.

Although client reviews can result in NEW BUSINESS, that is usually not the primary purpose of the appointment. DMI has a great blog about client reviews. Click here to read it and get tips on how to conduct one.

As a $20 Million+ annuity producer, I’ve developed a referral system that I use in conjunction with my annual client reviews. Using this methodology has resulted in over $500,000 of additional compensation from referrals generated from client reviews. More importantly, I have helped so many families protect their financial future. This referral system is so easy and comfortable to use it just flows.

So, here it is:

  • Step One: Make a list of the clients with whom you have the best relationships, and schedule summer time client reviews with them.
  • Step Two: Contact DMI as they have all of the components of my referral system and can share it with qualified agents.
  • Step Three: Apply the referral system to generate a quality referral that will result in substantial incremental income for you.

Summer time is just about here. Are you ready to start vacationing? Or, will you be helping your clients and referrals protect their financial future, while making some additional income for you and your family?

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A $20 Million Annual DMI Annuity Producer

Starting his career in 1970 as a Registered Representative with a U.S. based securities firm, this advisor managed several investment projects for over 30 years. As his clients began retiring, this advisor shifted his focus to better serve them. In 1998, he formed his current company to focus on the needs of retirees and those seriously planning their retirement.

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