Nov 27

You're Turning Customers Away With A Poor Website Experience

At DMI, we dedicate our time to helping financial professionals improve their process with their customers as well as helping them find new ones. This process includes the customer experience, which encompasses everything from meeting prospects in-person at one of your events to them visiting your website and downloading a complimentary educational resource. Often...

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Nov 15

6 Reasons Financial Professionals Should Invest in an Assistant

A career as a financial professional can be rewarding, but like any job, it also has drawbacks. As an independent financial professional, you have many duties and roles to fulfill, like attracting new clients, managing the office, keeping track of expenses, hosting workshops, and much more. These tasks can slow down your productivity and take time away from...

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Oct 25

5 Reasons to Consider FIUL for Your Client's Retirement Needs

In today’s current market for retirement savings products, most clients are concerned about making the right choice. Fixed indexed universal life insurance (FIUL), when structured, can be an effective way to both provide the death benefit for your client's family but also offer tax-efficient savings components. 

If the need is securing insurance coverage with...

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Oct 08

Build a Stronger Client Relationship

For most people, retirement planning is not fun; that's why they avoid it. According to a recent study, more than half of Americans don't know how much they'll need to retire comfortably. On average, people think that there is a 45% chance they will outlive their savings, and 41% have taken no steps to address it.

People who are in the retirement planning stage...

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Sep 26

How to Talk to Your Clients about using Life Insurance as a Tool for College Savings

September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month and National College Savings Month — can they coexist? 
With back-to-school in full swing, National College Savings Month is a perfect time for you to reconnect with your clients and discuss how they are saving for their child's education. Equally important, National Life Insurance Awareness Month is a...
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