Apr 14

Winning the $1 Million Dollar Annuity Case

This is a real case from an advisor who brought me a $1,000,000 case.

People who have a lot of money may not think they need an annuity. They have multiple advisors and multiple recommendations coming from every which way. In addition, many consider themselves savvy investors.

Here it is: The impossible case.

The Client’s Profile:

- Age 70 years old and retired


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Apr 07

Bag Diver or Sales Consultant?

Did you know the average attention span of an adult is about 8 seconds(1)? So, if you are in sales, does that mean you need to talk really fast to get your point across?

You know who talks really fast? Used car salesman & auctioneers. Why? Because all they want is a quick sale and move on to the next sale.

If you are trying to build a business and your brand how...

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Jan 06

Why Large Insurance Companies Avoid Index Annuities...

Confessions of a former index annuity hater.

Working for New York Life, I thought I knew it all. If you know anything about the New York Lifes and Northwest Mutuals of the world, then you know they won’t touch an index annuity with a 10-foot pole. I knew it all (or at least what I was told), and the ridiculously low caps that an index annuity provided. In a way,...

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Dec 30

4 Reasons Why You Are Not Closing More Sales

Think your leads stink? It might be you...

We all know that you are not going to close everyone that comes in to see you. The most successful, highly paid baseball players only hit the ball about 40% of the time.

What first comes to mind when I began writing on this subject is, “Do you know what your closing ratio is?” How many prospects did you close on the...

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Dec 02

Four steps to snap out of a sales slump!

We have all been there! Things just aren’t clicking. Each sale seems to be harder to close than ever before, and confidence starts getting chipped away. We blame compliance, longer applications, underwriting etc… So, how do we get out of the funk we are in?

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