Feb 05

Why Life Insurance Illustrations Never Hit Their Projections...

I have been retailing or wholesaling life insurance products since 1987 (that’s 30 years if you are counting). This experience spans every category of permanent life, including both stock and mutual companies.

In my 30 years, not one of the thousands and thousands of illustrations ever met their projection.

Whole Life Dividend Contracts – dividends have come down...

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Oct 28

The Insurance Product We All Love to Hate (and what you should sell instead)

Long-term care insurance (LTCi). The name alone makes most of us bristle. The most common refrain I hear from agents is, “I used to sell it.”

Forget the feelings that agents have about the product, think about how it makes consumers out there feel! Nearly 70% of people age 65 today can expect to receive some form of long-term care, with 20% needing it for five years...

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