Nov 23

The Choice Is Yours: Top Product, Marketing, & Case Management Articles of 2016

Operating a business in the financial services industry, while trying to stay in compliance, can be quite demanding and time-consuming. Between scheduling appointments and meeting with clients, fulfilling your post-sale requirements, and generating new business,  you can quickly go from someone who should be working ON their business, to one who is working IN...
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Oct 28

The Insurance Product We All Love to Hate (and what you should sell instead)

Long-term care insurance (LTCi). The name alone makes most of us bristle. The most common refrain I hear from agents is, “I used to sell it.”

Forget the feelings that agents have about the product, think about how it makes consumers out there feel! Nearly 70% of people age 65 today can expect to receive some form of long-term care, with 20% needing it for five years...

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Oct 14

Spokes On The Wheel: Is Your Marketing Working When You Aren’t?

Life IMO’s have gone stale. They’re all talking about the same old stuff. Granted, it’s important stuff, but any decent life IMO worth its salt, can do it. There’s zero differentiation out there. Here’s what they all promise:

  • We’ll pay you top compensation
  • We’ll get you the best underwriting offers
  • We’ll design the perfect case solution for you
  • We’ve got all the...
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Oct 07

The Seven Deadly Sins of Beneficiary Designations

When a client approaches a financial advisor to talk about estate planning, it is because they want to make sure that when they leave this world, they have the best possible situation set-up for their loved ones.

Not every situation has a cookie-cutter solution, and we've learned over the years that there are a number of mistakes people make while creating their...

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Sep 30

IUL Caps: When & Why You Should Avoid Them Like The Plague

IUL Caps stink.

There, I said it. Clients don’t understand them and they don’t work all that well when it comes to delivering competitive returns. That’s the most important part…they just don’t work when it comes to delivering competitive returns.

Our life sales consultants never recommend capped products if accumulation plays a significant part in the case they’re...

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