Apr 21

Funding College with an IUL

College funding is a big market. When advisors focus on this market, they’re often conducting late-stage planning for parents with children in high school where they’re using life insurance to eliminate assets off of the family balance sheet, so to speak.

Some advisors may use ‘College Planning’ as a throw-in service to attract prospects, but what they’re really...

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Feb 05

Why Life Insurance Illustrations Never Hit Their Projections...

I have been retailing or wholesaling life insurance products since 1987 (that’s 30 years if you are counting). This experience spans every category of permanent life, including both stock and mutual companies.

In my 30 years, not one of the thousands and thousands of illustrations ever met their projection.

Whole Life Dividend Contracts – dividends have come down...

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Dec 09

I Showed My Kids An 87 Page Life Insurance Illustration!

And here’s what happened…

I have 2 young kids and they’re always asking me, “Dad, can you tell us a story?” Kids love stories, don’t they? They like funny stories, sad stories, scary stories…you name it.

So, I tested this the other night when they asked me to tell them a story. I opened up my work bag and took out an 87 page index universal life illustration, and...

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Sep 30

IUL Caps: When & Why You Should Avoid Them Like The Plague

IUL Caps stink.

There, I said it. Clients don’t understand them and they don’t work all that well when it comes to delivering competitive returns. That’s the most important part…they just don’t work when it comes to delivering competitive returns.

Our life sales consultants never recommend capped products if accumulation plays a significant part in the case they’re...

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