Jan 20

3 Reasons Your Clients Fall Short of their Savings Goals

I'm sure you’ve heard about the dire need for Americans to start saving more...

We’re not here to beat that drum any more than you want to hear about it… again. What I WOULD like to point out are reasons why even the most diligent savers, many of them your clients, fail to reach their desired savings goals during the income taking phase of their investing lives...

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Oct 20

Bank On The Bull or Cash In The Cow? Why Neither Option Is Best...

I’m consistently reminded of the stupidity of Wall Street. And I don’t say that to be funny because the stupidity of Wall Street becomes the stupidity of Main Street.

Here’s what I mean. I picked up the Wall Street Journal and there’s an article titled, “As Stock Prices Keep Rising, Should Investors Move to Cash?"[1]

In the first sentence, here’s how they lay out the...

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Oct 07

The Seven Deadly Sins of Beneficiary Designations

When a client approaches a financial advisor to talk about estate planning, it is because they want to make sure that when they leave this world, they have the best possible situation set-up for their loved ones.

Not every situation has a cookie-cutter solution, and we've learned over the years that there are a number of mistakes people make while creating their...

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