Jan 20

3 Reasons Your Clients Fall Short of their Savings Goals

I'm sure you’ve heard about the dire need for Americans to start saving more...

We’re not here to beat that drum any more than you want to hear about it… again. What I WOULD like to point out are reasons why even the most diligent savers, many of them your clients, fail to reach their desired savings goals during the income taking phase of their investing lives...

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Jan 13

3 Things Your Marketing Organization Should Be Doing For You, But Aren’t

Finding the right partner is critical to your success! All Independent Marketing Organizations (IMO) are not created equally! There are many options, so how can you determine which to choose? The lifeblood for anyone in sales is prospecting, marketing and sales support. So, what is the first question you should ask when determining if you are aligned with a great...

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Jan 06

Why Large Insurance Companies Avoid Index Annuities...

Confessions of a former index annuity hater.

Working for New York Life, I thought I knew it all. If you know anything about the New York Lifes and Northwest Mutuals of the world, then you know they won’t touch an index annuity with a 10-foot pole. I knew it all (or at least what I was told), and the ridiculously low caps that an index annuity provided. In a way,...

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Dec 30

4 Reasons Why You Are Not Closing More Sales

Think your leads stink? It might be you...

We all know that you are not going to close everyone that comes in to see you. The most successful, highly paid baseball players only hit the ball about 40% of the time.

What first comes to mind when I began writing on this subject is, “Do you know what your closing ratio is?” How many prospects did you close on the...

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Dec 16

3 Things That Keep A MDRT Producer Up At Night

In a business where you wake up every January 1st starting at zero, it is challenging to stay calm. The pressure of the everyday grind can create sleepless nights. Let’s see how much we have in common; I bet you will be able to relate to some of the things that have me staring at the ceiling at 1:30am. After identifying the causes, I will share a few strategies...

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