Feb 17

The Difference Between A 10 Million Dollar Annuity Producer And A 2 Million Dollar Annuity Producer

I speak with countless advisors on a daily basis and the surface problem is often the same.  “I need to get in front of more qualified prospects.”  

Other wholesalers might ask you, “Are you conducting workshops?  Do you have a system for getting referrals?  Are you sending drip emails?  Do you have a brand?”

If the answer to all of these questions is “YES”, it...

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Feb 10

The Fixed Index Annuity Guarantee Trap: Are your clients falling victim to it?

I’d like to discuss FIA income riders. Guarantees are great... when they’re great. Clients and advisors both love guarantees. They are generally simple for the advisor to explain and simple for the client to understand. But, guarantees are also incredibly expensive. What do I mean? Two points…

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Feb 05

Why Life Insurance Illustrations Never Hit Their Projections...

I have been retailing or wholesaling life insurance products since 1987 (that’s 30 years if you are counting). This experience spans every category of permanent life, including both stock and mutual companies.

In my 30 years, not one of the thousands and thousands of illustrations ever met their projection.

Whole Life Dividend Contracts – dividends have come down...

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Feb 03

DMI Wins Gold

DMI Marketing recently won a MarCom Gold award for creative website design. The MarCom awards recently announced winners in the 2016 creative competition for marketing and communication professionals. There were 6,500 entries from throughout the United States, Canada and 17 other countries. MarCom Awards recognizes outstanding achievement by creative professionals...

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Jan 28

Are You A Number Or A Name?

Is your IMO in YOUR corner?

Not every IMO is created equal. Some are built like a factory, processing apps in an automated fashion with little human interaction in the sales process. Some promise higher levels of compensation based on tiers of production and applications that come in through their door. Some even help with marketing your business by building a...

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