Apr 14

Winning the $1 Million Dollar Annuity Case

This is a real case from an advisor who brought me a $1,000,000 case.

People who have a lot of money may not think they need an annuity. They have multiple advisors and multiple recommendations coming from every which way. In addition, many consider themselves savvy investors.

Here it is: The impossible case.

The Client’s Profile:

- Age 70 years old and retired


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Apr 07

Bag Diver or Sales Consultant?

Did you know the average attention span of an adult is about 8 seconds(1)? So, if you are in sales, does that mean you need to talk really fast to get your point across?

You know who talks really fast? Used car salesman & auctioneers. Why? Because all they want is a quick sale and move on to the next sale.

If you are trying to build a business and your brand how...

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Mar 31

3 Avenues to Increase Sales IMMEDIATELY!

“I received a $300,000 rollover call the very next day.”

Avenue number 1

The above quote come from an advisor who implemented the exclusive DMI Reactivation Program. It’s not a “NO” it’s simply a “not yet.” When a prospect says “NO”, what are you doing with his or her contact information? Building a database is the key to building your business.

Managing your...

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Mar 24

Big Mistake vs. Little Mistake

The sky is falling for life insurance/annuity advisors!

“What if President Trump repeals estate taxes?” “I’ve heard he is going to decrease income tax brackets?”

There goes the sizzle in the sale for life/annuity strategies, right? Wrong!! Many prospects will give you the “I want to wait to see what happens” objection.

It is important to remind ourselves, our...

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Mar 17

The "Silent Partner" In Your Clients' Retirement Plan

Do you have clients contributing to a 401k, 403b, IRA or other tax-deferred retirement plan? Of course you do. Most clients have some type of retirement plan.

Ask them two questions:

1. Do you think taxes will be higher or lower in the future compared to what you’re paying now?

Their answer will be “higher”.

2. Do you know who your “silent partner” is in your...

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