Steve Wildman, CFP & CHFC & DMI Sales Consultant

Steve Wildman has spent the past 14 years within the financial services industry, focusing primarily on insurance and income planning. Steve has spent time on both the retail and wholesale sides of financial planning, which provides him with a unique perspective on how to help grow our advisor partners’ book of business and generate revenue for their practices. Steve is a resident of Havertown, PA, where he lives with his wife Claire. Steve is a DMI Sales Consultant and can be reached at, or 610-357-1611

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May 12

DOL ruling got you down?

If you’re like a portion of the advisors we work with, the confusion surrounding implementation of the DOL’s notorious ‘Fiduciary Rule’ has had an impact on your revenue goals for 2017. The question isn’t whether or not the DOL ruling will be implemented in its current form, or at all for that matter. The ‘damage’ to your production this year has already been...

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Apr 21

Funding College with an IUL

College funding is a big market. When advisors focus on this market, they’re often conducting late-stage planning for parents with children in high school where they’re using life insurance to eliminate assets off of the family balance sheet, so to speak.

Some advisors may use ‘College Planning’ as a throw-in service to attract prospects, but what they’re really...

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Jan 28

Are You A Number Or A Name?

Is your IMO in YOUR corner?

Not every IMO is created equal. Some are built like a factory, processing apps in an automated fashion with little human interaction in the sales process. Some promise higher levels of compensation based on tiers of production and applications that come in through their door. Some even help with marketing your business by building a...

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Jan 20

3 Reasons Your Clients Fall Short of their Savings Goals

I'm sure you’ve heard about the dire need for Americans to start saving more...

We’re not here to beat that drum any more than you want to hear about it… again. What I WOULD like to point out are reasons why even the most diligent savers, many of them your clients, fail to reach their desired savings goals during the income taking phase of their investing lives...

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