Brian Donahue, President of DMI Marketing

Brian started his career out of college as a financial advisor. For 6 years, he achieved top of the table sales. In 1989, Brian founded DMI, one of the pioneers of the independent marketing organization (IMO). DMI consistently ranks by sales in the top 1% of wholesale companies and has become one of the most prominent and most successful IMO’s in the industry. Brian has sat on numerous industry advisory boards consulting companies on sales, marketing, and distribution of their products and services. In addition, Brian has engineered annuities over his career that have resulted in sales of over $1 Billion.

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Feb 05

Why Life Insurance Illustrations Never Hit Their Projections...

I have been retailing or wholesaling life insurance products since 1987 (that’s 30 years if you are counting). This experience spans every category of permanent life, including both stock and mutual companies.

In my 30 years, not one of the thousands and thousands of illustrations ever met their projection.

Whole Life Dividend Contracts – dividends have come down...

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Nov 23

The Choice Is Yours: Top Product, Marketing, & Case Management Articles of 2016

Operating a business in the financial services industry, while trying to stay in compliance, can be quite demanding and time-consuming. Between scheduling appointments and meeting with clients, fulfilling your post-sale requirements, and generating new business,  you can quickly go from someone who should be working ON their business, to one who is working IN...
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Nov 04

Seminar Marketing: Helping Your Attend-“ease”

You know what they say about free leads, right? You get what you pay for! That’s why this article isn’t about free leads. It’s about creating qualified leads. Specifically, it’s about using direct mail to create solid seminar attendees. Full disclosure: I do not work for a mail house so I have zero financial incentive to try to get you to do direct mail that doesn’t...

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Oct 20

Bank On The Bull or Cash In The Cow? Why Neither Option Is Best...

I’m consistently reminded of the stupidity of Wall Street. And I don’t say that to be funny because the stupidity of Wall Street becomes the stupidity of Main Street.

Here’s what I mean. I picked up the Wall Street Journal and there’s an article titled, “As Stock Prices Keep Rising, Should Investors Move to Cash?"[1]

In the first sentence, here’s how they lay out the...

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Oct 14

Spokes On The Wheel: Is Your Marketing Working When You Aren’t?

Life IMO’s have gone stale. They’re all talking about the same old stuff. Granted, it’s important stuff, but any decent life IMO worth its salt, can do it. There’s zero differentiation out there. Here’s what they all promise:

  • We’ll pay you top compensation
  • We’ll get you the best underwriting offers
  • We’ll design the perfect case solution for you
  • We’ve got all the...
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DMI was founded in 1989 to provide financial advisors three dynamic elements for success: marketing services, sales consulting and business management.