Are You A Number Or A Name?

Is your IMO in YOUR corner?

Not every IMO is created equal. Some are built like a factory, processing apps in an automated fashion with little human interaction in the sales process. Some promise higher levels of compensation based on tiers of production and applications that come in through their door. Some even help with marketing your business by building a website or paying for an occasional seminar. However, many advisors do not stop to think how if their current IMO excels at partnering with them in helping their business grow.

What most advisors don’t think to ask their IMO is how much they are invested in the success of the advisor's practice. Sure, an occasional higher comp check is nice, but where does the next prospect come from? How much does the person on the other end truly care about the business being submitted. Ultimately, is the advisor merely a number on the list of production goals for the firm, or is there a team rooting for them behind the scenes, aiding them in every aspect of their business?

Think of it this way, how long lasting are client relationships that a sale is made based on price? What extra value is brought to the table to make that client stay even when another advisor down the street is offering the same service at 25 basis points less? How likely will that client transfer their funds away from a practice if price is the only consideration? If price or level of compensation were the only factors during the buying cycle, the Dollar Store would have a lot more locations in Manhattan versuses Tiffany’s and Saks 5th Avenue. What matters to clients is the extra mile their advisor would go to help them reach their financial goals.

DMI Marketing is the IMO that advisors choose; based on a real interest in getting to know their business, and helping them reach their goals. Our clients utilize our services because the only way we experience success is when they experience success. Our passion is to offer our advisors a robust product suite to solve almost any financial situation, along with investing our time, money and brainpower, in growing their businesses to the heights they believe they’re worth.

We invite you to reach out to or call 610-357-1611 to learn about how we partner with advisors just like you, to help grow their revenue while helping their clients reach their financial goals.

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Steve Wildman, CFP & CHFC & DMI Sales Consultant

Steve Wildman has spent the past 14 years within the financial services industry, focusing primarily on insurance and income planning. Steve has spent time on both the retail and wholesale sides of financial planning, which provides him with a unique perspective on how to help grow our advisor partners’ book of business and generate revenue for their practices. Steve is a resident of Havertown, PA, where he lives with his wife Claire. Steve is a DMI Sales Consultant and can be reached at, or 610-357-1611

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