Nov 16

Tips for Preparing Your Client for The Paramedical Exam

As you may be aware, many insurance carriers now offer policies that don’t require clients to take an insurance exam. However, there are still times when an exam is necessary, and it’s important to guide your client through every stage in the application process.

The paramedical exam can be intimidating for your client, especially if it’s his or her first time....

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Nov 09

3 Questions to Ask When Evaluating an Annuity

People invest billions of dollars in variable annuities with Guaranteed Living Income Benefit riders. After owning these variable annuity policies for several years, many clients begin to reevaluate their purchase and realize they should discuss alternative options with their financial professional.

Plenty of these customers need guidance on what they should do...

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Nov 02

Halloween Reflections: Helping Clients Insure Their Life(style)

This week, many people celebrated Halloween, a time for scary movies and adorable children dressed in fabulous costumes. This time of year, my memories always revert to when my daughter was little. We live in a great neighborhood, particularly for Halloween, which is why it attracts hundreds of trick-or-treaters every year. When my daughter was young, we always...

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Oct 26

I Have an RIA. Now What?

When producers learn I’m in the compliance profession, one of two things usually happen – they want to share their opinion with me on a compliance issue, or they have questions for me. The questions I receive vary depending on the regulatory environment at the time. A decade ago there were a lot of questions about annuity suitability. A year ago, it was all about...

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Oct 19

Consider This Fresh Solution to Market Complacency

Markets are at an all-time high. Bond funds have taken a hit due to rising interest rates, and all a cash position will do for your client is practically guarantee a loss, due to taxes and inflation. So, where do we go from here if we have baby boomer clients hoping to protect what they’ve made over one of the greatest bull runs in history?

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