Sep 23

The IRS has created a HUGE life Insurance sales opportunity in the 4th quarter. If you don’t read this you are missing out!

How many times have you contemplated the idea of approaching a successful estate planning attorney or CPA to refer you business? If you are anything like me that number is quite large and your frustration levels are through the roof. The problem that most advisors and agents in the financial services business have in trying to develop a COI relationship is they don’t...

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Sep 16

GROW your business 24 hours per day

Over the past four months I have been leading the project to create our new corporate website. I wanted to share my experience with you which may help when you are in need of a new website or a refresh to your existing site. Step one of creating a new website is to understand the type of website you want to create. In our case, a simple billboard type website just...

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Sep 09

Are You Protecting Your Clients’ Privacy?

We are – everyday.

As part of our underwriting and case management services, we request, review and forward medical records to the underwriters at our carrier partners to negotiate the best offers on behalf of our advisers. All DMI team members who have access to health records are HIPAA Certified. We take this very seriously as should you. If you are requesting...
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Sep 02

When It Comes to LTC Expenses, it’s Not Just Your Client’s Assets at Risk

Fact or Fiction?

“A study, indicates only 40% of consumers have discussed long-term-care planning with their financial advisers. But only around 10% of planners have successfully implemented a LTC solution in a client's financial plan. The main reason advisers shy away from the LTC dialogue is because they're uncomfortable having that conversation. Indeed, the...

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Aug 26

Do You Have A Succession Plan For Your Practice?


Can you continue to receive income from your business when you can’t, or don’t want to, work it any longer?A successful practice can either be a high paying job or a business.

If your income depends largely on your personal skills and effort, then you simply have a high paying job. When you no longer want to, or cannot, put the same amount of time and effort into...

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